Amazing Suizenji Jojuen Garden – In the Heart of Kumamoto City

A very nice garden located near the center of Kumamoto City, The central pond and surrounding land is all artificial, built upon a swamp. The highest peak shown above represents Mount Fuji, and in the past the feudal lords would have seen The Mountains of Aso on the horizon. This was a private garden for the lord to relax and for efficiency it was also used as a training grounds.

There is a Shinto Shrine here for the Hosokawa family who built the garden. You can follow the garden walkways around the lake and enjoy some spectacular views. The park is reasonably quiet and sheltered from the outside world. The pond is alive with various wildlife including Koi and the occasional Herron. After comfortably strolling around you can enjoy either a Coffee or some Matcha served with a traditional Japanese sweet in the tea room.

The Park is a paid for attraction and a national Treasure. FOUR full time gardeners manage to maintain the property all year. There is an incredible group of very passionate volounteer guides who are occasionally available who speak english. Situated close to the tram line it has easy access from central Kumamoto and plenty of Parking options

At the time of writing –
Parking a car cost – 500JPY
Entrance into Garden – 400JPY
Tea Room – 700-800JPY depending on Matcha/Coffee or seating inside or outside.

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