About Japan Life and Knives

Hi, I’m Seb, my Wife and I have temporarily moved to Japan and are expecting our first child. We have some experience in the tech world and I’m an Accredited National Tourist Guide for Ireland. I thought I came prepared coming to Japan initially as a holiday but Oh boy was I wrong. I intend on giving you some more Down to Earth information about Japan.

To put it Short Japan is Amazing. The Food, People, Family, Culture, Scenery is just Fantastic. I’m in Kumamoto Prefecture on the Southern Island of Japan, Kyushu(Cue-shoe). So most of my information will be based from my Experiences around here. There will be a focus on knives also. Finally Check out our Youtube page and don’t forget to Like and subscribe please. https://www.youtube.com/@JapanLifeandKnives/ which is a work in progress also.